Business Migration (subclass 188)

Business Migration

This is the migration for the successful business owners, investors and entrepreneurs. Business migration is our honour and we are proud to have successful business migration applicants from all over the world.

If you are a successful business owner or investor, you might be eligible for business migration to Australia. There are 5 different streams: (1) Business Innovation (188A), (2) Investor (188B), (3) Significant Investor (188C), (4) Premium Investor (188D), and (5) Entrepreneur (188E).

These are 4 year provisional visas which lead into the Business Innovation and Investment (subclass 888) permanent visa.

Choose your state for your Business Migration

Although it is not an essential requirement, targeting a specific State for your business migration is beneficial for you to obtain a State nomination. Different States varies slightly in requirements for grant of invitations, and quite often your expression of interest is prioritised if you have nominated a State.

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Please call us directly on +61 7 3344 2888 to discuss your situation. Business Migration is our passion, and we would be really glad to advise you the strategic planning involved in your circumstance.

You may also fill out the form set out in the page “Contact Us” to have an initial consultation, or send us an email at, we will contact you directly.