Commercial Lease

Commercial Leases

Commercial lease refers to all non-residential leases and non-retail leases.

If you operate a business that is not prescribed in the retail shop leases regulation, then it is likely you have a commercial lease. Send us a copy of your lease and we will tell you the type of lease you have. It is important to know as it will have impact on your rights and responsibilities.

Let us help you by first reviewing your lease in detail.

Binding lease

Once the lease is signed, it creates a binding contractual relationship between the landlord and the tenant.

The lease itself can be quite complicated with lots of legal jargons inside. For example, what is “make good“? What is “option term“? You must understand these as they are extremely important. The rights and obligations of each parties to the lease should be clearly documented to minimise the chances of disputes.

Our commercial lawyers are also experienced in businesses. They will be able to protect your rights, assist you with business negotiates and guide you through your lease.

What can we do for you?

Our leasing lawyers can assist you with all matters from lease preparation and negotiation to assignment or surrender of your commercial lease. We understand the importance of entering into a lease that is suitable for your business needs and therefore carefully consider a range of matters when looking at a commercial lease.

We will meet with you and listen to your needs. We will explain to you the difficult terms and conditions in the lease.

It is our goal to ensure that you are protected under the lease, as it is important for your business.

All our commercial lease drafting and reviewing are charged on a fixed fee basis so that it gives certainty and transparency for your legal costs.

Trust us on our professionalism and engage our legal service. We will help you massively.

Commercial Lease
Do you have a commercial lease and need advice? We can help!

The Things We Take Care of

We know the stress. Put the burden on us! We will take care of the lease for you.

Some of the many things that we will do for you:

  • Review the lease or we can draft a new lease for you
  • Provide legal advice on lease documents including the lease, lease agreement, and any relevant incentive deed
  • Negotiate lease terms including costs, fit-out terms and relocation terms etc
  • Extension, assignment and surrender of leases
  • Resolve a breach of lease
  • Mediate the dispute for you

Leave it with us. We will review your lease, advise you and protect your rights.

Speak to a commercial lawyer

Talk to our commercial lawyer for legal advice. It will be very helpful for you.

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