Separation & Divorce

Divorce is not a delightful experience to go through.  If the parties have made a painful decision to divorce, talk to us for some useful family law advice.

We will guide you through your divorce and separation.

Divorce Application – How do I apply?

If the parties are separated for 12 months or more, the parties may file a divorce application to the Court.

Contact us to arrange a meeting. We will discuss with you and listen to your story. Once you accept our quotation, we will file a divorce application on your behalf.

Separation Under the Same Roof

You may still be considered “separated” even though you live in the same house but in different rooms with your ex-partner. The “separation date” becomes important when you submit to the Court an application for divorce.

In some situations, parties don’t have an “actual” separation date, because it is unclear when the separation happened especially when you are living in the same house with your ex-partner.

There are ways to avoid arguments about the “separation date”.  Discuss your situation with us in the free first consultation.

Service of Divorce Documents

We will discuss your situation in detail and make sure that your ex-partner receives the Court documents. This is an important step that should not be missed.

If you have trouble locating your ex-partner, please let us know and we will discuss an alternate solution with you.

Properties in a Divorce

Generally, it is the best to settle any joint properties with your ex-partner as early as possible. Relationship usually deteriorates over time, and negotiation becomes much more difficult as the relationship gets worse.

Tell us your circumstance in terms of your properties, and we will give you advise you how your properties are divided with your ex-partner.

You may divide joint properties with your ex-partner even before divorce. We will explain to you how this can be done.

Other Important factors

There are some ‘strategic’ aspects too when it comes to divorce and separation.

  • What is the best way to separate with your partner?
  • What happens with your home?
  • Did you talk about spousal maintenance with your partner?
  • Can your partner ‘kick’ you out, or vice versa? and
  • What is the best for your children?

Contact Us

If you would like to have more information about separation or divorce, feel comfortable to talk to our family lawyer for legal advice.

You may fill out the form set out in the page “Contact Us” to have a free initial consultation, or send us an email at, we will contact you directly.

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