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Residential Buying and Selling

We are a passionate team of lawyers and conveyancers who will take care of your conveyancing matter with heart.

From contract drafting and legal advice, to fulfiling contract conditions, until settlement, we will take your matter on and act on your behalf diligently.

Residential Buying and Selling
Trust us with your conveyancing!

Trust us with your conveyancing!

  • Buying

    We provide pre-signing review of your contract, and will manage your conveyancing through until settlement.

  • Selling

    We will safeguard your interests as a seller and make sure you receive your money!

  • Off the plan

    It takes a longer time to settle off-the-plan properties. Our lawyers will act for you from day 1 to settlement.

  • Vacant land + Build

    We will review your contracts for both vacant land and your build.

Conveyancing Service

We provide extensive and full conveyancing service conducted by lawyers and conveyancers. Read more below!


Conveyancing Service