Building & Pest Inspection

Building & Pest Inspection

When you buy a property, you need to carry out an inspection to make sure the property is in a satisfactory condition acceptable to you.

It is not essential that your contract is subject to a “Building and Pest Inspection” condition, but we do recommend it. This condition gives you a period of time where you can professionally inspect the condition of the property, and if you find that there is structural damage or pest issue with the property, you may terminate the contract without penalty before the deadline. However, you need to be reasonable in terminating the contract.

If you are buying a property, we can recommend building and pest inspectors to you. We can provide information on the details required for a building and pest inspection and analyse the report for you to protect your interests. Contact us for a initial consultation!

Requirements of a Building and Pest Report

The report will provide important information into the condition of the property you are buying, such as structural or building issues and areas in need of repair. There would be a deadline in your contract and you should obtain a report before the deadline.

The report should be conducted by licensed inspectors and should contain sufficient details and even photographs showing the property’s condition. The report should tell you whether the property is structurally sound, where repairs should be carried out and whether the property is infested with pests. We will read the report and give you professional legal advice.

What should a good Building and Pest Report contain?

  • Tells you whether the property is structurally safe
  • Tells you whether there are any termite activities
  • Tells you how severe cracks are
  • Tells you whether fences are in good condition
  • Tells you whether internal components are in good condition
  • Contain photographs to evident the issues
  • It allows you to terminate the contract without penalty