Family Law

How does divorce work when you have children?

Not only is it a very stressful time for both parents and children, divorcing with children involved can be a complex area of law. Many questions arise regarding child support, child custody, consent orders, and parenting plans. Each situation and circumstance is unique, so read more here for all you need to know about this.

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Separation under One Roof

When a relationship comes to an end, but you are still living together, financial disagreements, emotional strain, and legal troubles are all too common.  This guide will help with issues you might face while separated living under one roof.

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7 Things You Need to Consider after Separation

After separation, life can be often extremely emotionally and financially draining, leaving you wondering how you should proceed with life. Here are the 7  top tips you need to help with your separation.

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How does spousal maintenance work?

After a relationship ends, questions will often arise around spousal maintenance and ongoing financial support. This article explains all you need to know about the matter.

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Property division: who gets what?

Following a relationship breakdown, whether it is separation or a full divorce the issue of property division is one of the most complex issues that will arise. If you are looking for a fair property settlement, this is what you will need to know.

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What should I do after I separate from my partner?

Separating from your partner is a highly emotional and stressful time.

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Consent orders and binding financial agreements

When a couple decides to separate, they may want to arrange a property division.

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