Conveyancing – Selling Property

Conveyancing – Selling Property

Are you selling your property and need a conveyancing lawyer to complete your sale? What are your rights in your sale? Read further as this will be relevant for you.

Contract of Sale of Property

In most cases, your real estate agent will help draft your contract. For your comfort of mind, you may even request our conveyancing lawyer to draft your contract for you.

Let us know what you require in your sale, and we will add that to your contract to protect your rights.

Fixtures and furniture

One thing that you should pay attention is what is included in the sale?

If nothing is mentioned in the contract, then all fixtures (things permanently attached to the property) will be included in the sale. Loose furniture are chattels, not fixtures, and are generally excluded from the sale.

However, there are things that can be arguable. For example, dishwashers and wall-mounted televisions. It would be wise to be clear and write them into the contract whether they are included or not. This way, we avoid unnecessary disputes.

Our Conveyancing lawyers will take good care of you.

Finance condition

If there is a Finance condition in the contract, it means that the contract is “subject to finance“.

There is a certain period of time given to the buyer to seek finance approval. The buyer must notify your solicitor whether their finance is approved before the deadline.

If the buyer does not notify you before the deadline, then you have the right to terminate the contract.

Release of Mortgage

If you have a mortgage with a bank or financier, there will be a “charge” under your “title”. This charge must be released at settlement in order for your sale to be successful.

Too complicated? No worries. We will liaise with your bank and take care of this for you!

Settlement Adjustments

In most cases, the lawyers acting for the buyer will calculate the adjustments required for settlement.

We will double check the calculations for you to make sure that the adjustments are correct and that your rights are protected.

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